School Refused To Serve Lunch To Her Son. So Mom Marches Down There And Shocks The Staff.

I can’t even begin to imagine myself in this situation. A high school student serves himself lunch in the buffet line at school. But then a cafeteria worker snatches the food out of his hands and throws it away in front of him.

And it’s all because he of a few dollars in unpaid lunches. Is that worth humiliating a person over?

High school student Dominic doesn’t think so, and when he told his mom about the incident, she went down to the school and surprised everyone with her humanity.

Read about Dominic’s mom’s act of kindness and share this article—because no kid should have to go hungry at school!

Sixteen-year-old Dominic Grant was getting lunch at the school cafeteria when he was humiliated in front of his classmates. A cafeteria worker went up to him, took his tray, and threw away his perfectly good food.

The reason?

He owed the cafeteria less than $5 for previously unpaid lunches.

“It was really embarrassing,” Dominic told CNN. “Especially in front of the whole lunch room. They took my plate away and said I didn’t have enough to eat today.”

It’s one thing to remind a student of a small debt. But it’s quite another to throw away food, humiliate a student in front of their friends, and send them to class hungry.

When Dominic’s mother, Keown, heard about it, she was shocked. She marched down to the school and did something that left everyone speechless.

First, she paid her son’s debt. But then she went further. She paid of all of the lunch debt of all of the students in the entire school. And her $200 act of kindness ensured that that no other student would be shamed or go hungry for lack of money.

Now I just wish that all schools saw the situation like Keown did.

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