She pulls off her wig on their first date – then the guy’s response makes her rush to the bathroom

First dates are among the most nerve-racking experiences we put ourselves through. They’re all about making a good first impression—and there’s always that constant worry that something might go wrong.

What if you say the wrong thing and your date shuts down? You spill your drink all over your date’s shirt? Or your wig comes off?

Well, that last one might not be an issue for most people, but it is for Eve Betts.

When Eve Betts was younger, she was often bullied for the way she looked.

You see, Eve has alopecia, a disease that causes the body’s immune system to mistakenly attack hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

“All that: ‘You don’t have any eyebrows.’ I don’t remember feeling upset about it… Apart from now. It’s really hard, really hard,” Eve Betts says in the video below.

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Now, as an adult, Eve just appeared on the British television show “First Dates”—a reality series that documents first dates between people who’ve never met before.

Eve appeared on the program to go on a date with a man named Jordan. But she didn’t realize how vulnerable she would feel—because for the first time, Eve decided to reveal her secret right from the start.

“I don’t have any hair. I wear a wig,” she said, pulling back her dark wig.

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For Jordan, of course, this was completely unexpected… but even more unexpected was his reaction.

Eve, who had been bullied her entire childhood, was nervous about her scaring Jordan away. But to her surprise, she was met with a sincere answer that she went straight to her heart!

While Eve struggled to get her wig back on straight and mentioned how annoying wearing it was, Jordan exclaimed, “Keep it off!”

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For Jordan, Eve’s hairstyle didn’t play any role in what he thought about her. He only cared about who Eve is on the inside.

Jordan’s surprising response made Eve rush to the bathroom to have a moment to herself. And when she came back, she returned without her wig.

Then Jordan told her how beautiful and unique she is!

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Whether these two go on a second date or not, it was an incredibly nice meeting between these two honest and genuine people.

Eve made the courageous decision to share her secret. And Jordan, with his sincere reaction, made her feel beautiful and valuable.

Watch the heartbreaking clip here:

This girl’s story is proof you should always be open on a first date…

Published by Channel 4 on May 10 2017

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