She thought it was a headache but died 2 days later – now doctors warn of these symptoms everyone should know

Mother of four Charlotte “Lee” Broadway from North Carolina, USA, was a very popular lady. She and her husband Eric met while in school, then married and had four children together.

Lee often suffered from migraines, so there was nothing unusual about getting a headache now and then.

But on April 1, 2017, she got a headache from hell.


Lee and Eric went to the hospital, but could never have imagined that Lee’s condition was life-threatening.

“Lee suffered from migraines,” Eric told WCNC. “So a headache wasn’t really something I was concerned about.”

Once in the hospital, she was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, also called a pulmonary artery in the brain. A brain aneurysm causes a small blood vessel to weaken and blood to accumulate into small bubbles, thus exposing the brain to pressure.

There are two major risks with this, as the pressure on the brain becomes too big, or blood vessels are broken and begin to bleed.

When a blood vessel is broken, an extremely intense headache usually occurs, which may feel similar to a migraine.

Lee died two days after being hospitalized, just a few days before her 42nd birthday.


 There are signs to look out for that can warn of a brain anuerysm:

If detected in time, it can be operated for preventive purposes.

If you or any of you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.


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