Her face was torn off in a car crash – 11 years later doctor is amazed at her transformation

Life can sometimes completely change out of nowhere in a split second.

Car crashes are an example of this – especially serious ones.

When they occur, all we can really do is rely on doctors and other medical professionals to help. They have the knowledge to act quickly, effectively and with skill.

When 8-year-old Makenzie Wilgus was admitted to to the emergency room, Dr. Ronald Morton knew he didn’t have much time to work. A large part of little Mackenzie’s face had been torn off during a severe car crash.

Parts of her neck, cheeks, and tongue had also suffered a lot of damage. Read the rest of her story below.


Makenzie fought for her life after the crash. 

Her injuries were so bad that her leg bones were sticking out. The medical team, led by surgeon Ronald Morton, spent four hours operating on the girl’s face.

The situation did not look good – and all her family could do was pray for their little girl. 


Thankfully, Makenzie lived. The doctors managed to save her. 

Over the 11 years since her major surgery, she’s done her best to recover, both inside and out. 


But she never really got the chance to thank the doctor who saved her life and Ronald hadn’t seen the girl since that day 11 years ago.


Ronald had no idea how well the girl had healed, or if she is still just a few scars away from the accident.

But 11 years after surgery the doctor and Makenzie had the chance to meet again – and, as can be expected, it was an emotional meeting. 


Makenzie has not only grown into a young woman studying to be a nurse, but there was almost no evidence of the trauma that had happened to her all those years ago.


So nice to see her today!

Below you can watch their tearful meeting:

Makenzie and her family are eternally grateful for the physician’s skill and to all the other hospital staff who help severely injured people every day. 

In this case, it all ended happily, and I love the twsist that Makenzie is studying to become a nurse – giving her the chance to pay it all back for years to come.

Please share this small miracle to pay tribute to all health professionals who are there when we need them most.

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