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She’s 17, A New Mom And Knows That She Will Die. Now Millions Have Been Touched By Her Love For Her Unborn Child.

This is a story of unconditional love, but also about how brutally unfair life can each. Jennifer Michelle Lake is completely normal teenager from Pocatello, Idaho, USA. The decision Jenny faced, no human need to make. Especially not if you are 17 years old.

Jennifer is an ordinary teenager. She enjoyed hanging out with friends and have dreams just like any other people of her age. But Jennifer’s life is about to take a turn.


When Jennifer begins to experience severe headaches, she goes to see the doctor.

The doctors’ statements are brutal. Tests reveal a 2cm tumor in Jennifer’s brain. She is diagnosed with cancer.


If Jennifer is to survive, she must undergo chemotherapy.


After hearing her diagnosis, everyone is in shock. But all support with Jennifer unconditional love.


But then Jennifer gets more news – this time what would normally be something absolutely wonderful to hear. But for Jennifer and her boyfriend Nathan, things are not quite the same. The couple learn that they are pregnant.


As anyone would be, Jennifer is still overjoyed at the news, but it also means that she is faced with making the toughest decision she will ever make.

Her child will die if she continues her chemotherapy. But if she stops her treatment, there is no chance for Jenny to survive.


Jennifer listens to her heart. She decides to stop her chemotherapy treatments and gives birth to little Chad Michael nine months later.


Six days after giving birth Jennifer goes home from the hospital. The only thing she wants to do is to spend time with her son in her own home. After delivering her baby, Jennifer grabbed her midwife’s hand and whispered: “I did it. I did my duty. ”


When Jennifer died on November 21, 2011, 12 days after giving birth, she had little Chad in his arms.


The love that Jennifer, and all other mothers feel for their children is indescribable. In her case it was so strong that she chose to sacrifice her own life.


Chad will grow up knowing that his mom is always with him. Jennifer Lake will always be by her son’s side.


Jennifer Lake’s story has touched hundreds of thousands of people who have followed her destiny and fight through blogs and social media. On the Jenni’s Journey Facebook page, you too can read more about her story as well as pay tribute to her and wish her family well.

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