She’s 36 Weeks Pregnant, But Watch When Dad Begins To Film Her Belly… Beautiful!

All mothers can certainly testify to the incredible feeling it is to sense their baby’s movements in their belly, albeit a bit scary of course. This video shows just that. In it, we witness a tiny baby clearly trying to make itself more comfortable inside the haven provided by mom. Watching all the baby’s movements is nothing short of astounding. Fetal movements typically appear between weeks 20 to 32, which makes this video all the more compelling. Mom is 37 weeks pregnant. Dad was carefully watching mom’s belly for about 3 hours, but it was precisely this sequence (as you will watch below), that was the most active. If you watch closely, you can amazingly identify exactly what part of little Toren’s (the baby’s name) body is where. Pretty incredible, if you ask me.

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