Single dad of 5 takes care of elderly neighbor – gets $25,000 for his children's education

Single dad of 5 takes care of his elderly neighbor – in return, one day receives $25,000 for his children’s education

The concept of helping other people and benefitting from good karma is one that’s been around almost as long as humans have.

I think I can speak for the vast majority of us when I say that the world is a far better place to live in when we treat each other with kindness and compassion. After all, we’re all here in this unpredictably wild experience we call life together. Not to mention the fact that making someone else’s day better generally feels rather nice, doesn’t it?

And, of course, good things beget good things. By that I mean showing kindness to others, generally speaking, increases the chances that they, in turn, will be kind.

Now, I’ll wager there are a few of our readers who know that all too well. In any case, we stumbled across a story that perfectly encapsulates the idea of good karma, and thought we’d share it with you …

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The story concerns a man named Daniel, a widower who had lost his wife and lived with his five children as a single father.

As per reports, Daniel’s wife, Marcia, had died giving birth to his youngest son, Donny. He was also father to four other children: Gary, Morgan, Harry, and Brian.

“I’ll raise them well,” Daniel is said to have told Marcia. “I promise you, Marcia, you will be proud of our boys!”

Daniel ran his own business and so was able to organize his work hours to ensure he had the time to properly raise and support his children. Of course, raising five kids is no walk in the park, not to mention the incredible financial burden involved.

In short, Daniel did his best to be a loving and supportive father. Before her death, Marcia had been a talented musician, and by all accounts taught her children to play various instruments.

So it was hardly unsurprising when, one day, Daniel’s son Gary came home with a brochure with a music workshop in New York.

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“Mr. Yepez gave me this!” he told his father. “It’s for a music workshop, ten days in New York for the best musicians in the school!”

Naturally, Daniel was happy for his son to go. The only problem? The workshop would cost $5,000!

Daniel reportedly promised to consider things, making a personal promise to try and find the money somehow.

Little did he know what was in store.

One by one, each of his other sons came home from school: they’d all earned their place on the potential trip to New York.

Needless to say, Daniel was at a loss for how he would come up with $25,000. He knew in his heart of hearts that he couldn’t send one of the boys without giving the others the same opportunity. Simply put, he was out of options.

Yet fate, as they say, works in mysterious ways.

One day, around the same time, Daniel noticed that one of his neighbor’s windows was damaged. The property belonged to an elderly woman named Mrs. Fabiola.

As per AmoMama, Daniel asked: “Do you need any help?”

“That would be so kind!” she answered.

“I just can’t manage on my own! My husband used to be so helpful around the house, but my son is such a busy man…”

Daniel went back to his house, collected his tools, and returned to Mrs. Fabiola’s. While fixing the shutter on the window, he saw that there were other areas of Mrs. Fabiola’s house in need of repair: some of her floorboards were loose, as well as a part of the ceiling being visibly damaged.

Credit / Wikimedia Commons (Stock Image – not directly related to story)

“You need a few more things taken care of,” Daniel told his neighbor. “Do you mind if I come tomorrow and finish?”

Moreover, when Mrs. Fabiosa asked Daniel how much the repairs would cost her, he told her to keep her money and rather pay it forward in kindness.

The next morning, Daniel was at Mrs. Fabiosa’s house early to get to work making the repairs she needed. Mrs. Fabiosa was baking a batch of cookies for Daniel’s children when she heard a man’s voice in the yard. It turned out to be Daniel’s brother; he was telling Daniel that he simply didn’t have the $25,000 he needed to send his brother’s kids to New York.

That’s when Mrs. Fabiosa decided to make a selfless gesture that would change the lives of Daniel and his children.

A day later, she waited until Daniel was done with her roof before calling him over.

“I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” she said. You don’t know what it means to have someone who cares enough to make an effort.”

Daniel told her it was nothing, and that the cookies she had baked more than made up for it.

“In that case,” Mrs. Fabiola replied. “I have something here for the boys.” She handed Daniel an envelope, one containing a check for $25,000.

“I can’t…” Daniel said. “Please, Mrs. Fabiola, I can’t accept this money!”

But Mrs. Fabiosa replied: “You can because it’s not for you. It’s for the kids, so you can send them to New York. You can’t turn down a gift for the kids.”

According to AmoMama, Daniel’s sons went on their trip to New York, all thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Fabiosa. What’s more, she and Daniel remained great friends, a beautiful testament to the kindness they both had showed.

I don’t know about you, but I think we could do more with reading about such stories as opposed to the constant barrage of fear and oppression we seem to read about in the newspapers each day.

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