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Soldier Surprises Wife Just Before She Delivers Their First Daughter.

Some of the most emotional reunions have to be between soldiers and their loved ones. And the only thing that makes them more moving is when they’re a surprise. I always tear up when I see a family member realize that their loved one has secretly come home to visit. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soldier make an entrance like this one. Jena was thrilled to be having a baby girl, but sad that her second in charge wasn’t able to make it. Her husband, US Army private Joseph Kunkel was away on duty and would have to miss the birth of their daughter and second child. Or so Jena thought… When Jena went into labor, the pain became too much to bear, and Jena asked the hospital nurses to see the anesthesiologist. But the doctor who answered her request was unrecognizable behind his surgical mask. That is until he spoke. As soon as Joseph said, “I’m gonna have to stick this large needle in there, alright? And it’s gonna hurt a lot,” Jena realized it was her husband! Three hours later, the couple welcomed their baby daughter into the world. “I swear, she knows that her Daddy was coming,” Jena told FOX 43. Watch the emotional reunion below!

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