Son Hands His Parents An Envelope. When His Mother Opens It, She Begins To Cry With Happiness. What A Gift!

My favorite holiday of the year is Christmas – hands down. It’s been the case since I was a child. Truth be told, i am almost obsessed with Christmas. I start my holiday shopping weeks ahead and really make an effort toward making the gifts I offer as special as can be. I think, ultimately, that gift giving has to be my favorite part of the holiday. It’s the classic “it makes me happy” to see others happy when they receive a gift I’ve given them. And that is why this story moved me so deeply. It begins rather normally – a young man and his parents sit relaxed on their couch one day around Christmas time. But he then hands his mom an envelope, simply saying it’s their Christmas gift. Mom opens it and finds a piece of paper. It says: “Your house is paid off. Merry Xmas. Joe”. Mom almost immediately starts to cry. She hands it over to the father, who also begins to cry when he reads it. This is so emotional that it left me crying and moved for minutes after it was over! What a beautiful, heartfelt gift! And what a son!

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