Son of fallen detective escorted to 1st day of kindergarten by sheriff’s deputies who worked with his dad

The son of a fallen police officer got to experience the true power of love and friendship when he was escorted to his first day at school by his dad’s former colleagues.

As per reports, Justin Longoria, a detective with the Frio County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, was killed in a vehicle collision on his way to work in April.

Last Monday, his son, Joziah Longoria, was set to start his first day of kindergarten in San Antonio, and his dad’s old Department knew they had to do something to make the occasion as special as it could be.

Joziah’s uncle, Frio County Lt. Josh Longoria. walked him onto the school campus, where Joziah then shook hands and hugged other deputies before starting his first day.

Chief Deputy Pedro Salinas told Good Morning America: “We were proud to escort our little deputy to his first day of kindergarten. Although we still miss our brother in blue, Justin Longoria, every day, it’s these happy memories we want to continue to make for his children.”

He added: “The FCSO is now and will always be family to his young boys. Justin Longoria was an amazing young man and investigator.

“He loved serving his community and his loss has left our agency feeling incomplete. Being able to put a smile on his children’s faces allows us to feel whole once again be it ever so briefly. He will forever be missed.”

Joziah’s mother, Leanne, said that the kind gesture made by the deputies will help her son immeasurably.

“Moments like these make it hard but Justin and Joziah have a whole family behind him to make this easier,” she wrote on Facebook. “May God bless his year with all smiles and knowledge I know Justin is really happy and proud to see this.”

A video of Joziah being escorted to school by the deputies was uploaded to Facebook, where it stole the hearts of viewers.

Lt. Longoria said that Joziah himself “often tells me that he wants to be a police officer as well.”

What a heartwarming story. This boy has suffered something no child should have to face, so we’re happy he’s not alone!

Rest in peace, Justin Longoria, and thank you for your service.

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