Teacher thinks she’s getting iPads for her school, then Ellen swipes left on the screen

In an ideal world, all children would have the same good quality of living when they’re being raised. They’d have access to all the love and nurture they’d need, and they’d receive a first-rate education giving them the best shot in life.

Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world, and millions of children the world over struggle every day as a result of their living conditions. What’s more, this even occurs in our own country.

Occupational therapist Ashlyn knows this as well as anyone. The 24-year-old works in the Brantley School District, whose motto is “Reach every student, every day”. It’s something Ashlyn certainly tries to do, with a firm emphasis on “every student”.

It’s her dream to ensure children are given the best chances in life, and that’s meant her heading to work with special needs students in one of the most poverty-stricken counties in the nation …

YouTube / Ellen

Let no one say Ashlyn doesn’t care immensely for her students. She knows just how much they struggle each day, and also knows that in poverty-stricken areas all schools struggle for sufficient funding.

When she was surprised with an appearance on Ellen, it was with these exact thoughts in mind. In typical Ellen fashion, the host had a unique surprise up her sleeve that was going to leave Ashlyn in tears.

YouTube / Ellen

After telling Ellen a little about herself and what she did, she explained that many of the schools she goes to don’t have enough computers for the students there, and certainly don’t have iPads.

When Ellen heard that, she knew she couldn’t sit idly by and just leave things as they were. Instead, she did something that’s equally as inspiring.

Watch things play out in the brilliant video below:

We simply love people like Ashlyn, who go out of their way not to work for themselves, but to better the lives of others in need around them. She sets a shining example for us all, and it’s truly fantastic to see Ellen giving her recognition for it, as well as helping her cause.

All children deserve equality and chances in life. It’s down to people like Ashlyn that they have it!

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