Teenage girl dies of cancer – when her mom looks at her coffin, her heart is filled with warmth

There’s nothing a parent fears as much as losing one of their children. Ask any mother or father, anywhere in the world, and they’ll tell you that.

Sadly, that was the reality faced by the parents of Laura Hillier, who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just 13 years old. Four years later, she was declared cancer free, only for her disease to cruelly return.

Heartbreakingly, Laura, a talented and popular student at Nelson High School in Ontario, Canada, died on January 20, 2016.

Her family confirmed the news via a Facebook page that had been set up to keep friends and followers updated as to her struggle.

“She fought bravely and all of you would have been so proud of her. Her poise, her courage, her strength and her pure spirit shone through right until the end,” her family wrote.

Wanting to pay tribute to Laura and her inspirational courage, her classmates and teachers did something truly special for her funeral, modifying her casket to show how much they all loved and missed her.

Before long, pictures of Laura’s casket had spread online… and it’s easy to see why they garnered so much attention.

Facebook / Match For Laura

It was late January, 2016, when Laura Hillier passed away. Aged just 18, she died of acute myeloid leukemia while waiting for a transplant.

As per reports, the teenager left this world surrounded by loved ones in hospital.

Laura’s fight against cancer began when she was 13 years old after she was diagnosed with leukemia. After a tough four years, wherein she underwent many rounds of treatment, she was declared cancer free.

Facebook / Match For Laura

Sadly, however, in May 2015 her cancer came back more aggressively.

Laura, who attended Nelson High School in Ontario, Canada, was known for her love of music and theater.

Reportedly, Laura’s classmates decided to take the concept of writing notes in high school yearbooks, and apply it to Laura’s funeral. Their wish was that she receive a love-filled farewell deserved of a beloved friend and student.

Facebook / Match For Laura

The result was as heartwarmingly beautiful as one might expect. Paying homage to Laura’s life, her friends, family, neighbors, teachers, classmates, and staff at the hospital where she was cared for, all penned tributes to her on her casket.

Their handwritten, sentimental messages covered her entire coffin.

Facebook / Match For Laura

When they read the greetings, Laura’s family were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

One read: “You were musical. You were artistic. You were understanding. You were my bestest friend.”

Another read: “Very brave and strong. You will always be a hero.”

Facebook / Match For Laura

Purple, Laura’s favorite color, was on prominent display during the funeral. The church was adorned with purple flowers, while everyone present at the wedding had purple on display somewhere on their clothes.

It should go without saying that Laura was taken too early from this earth, but it’s undeniably heartwarming to see the outpouring of love from her local community.

Rest in peace, Laura.

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