The Couple Adopts A Baby, But When They Return To The Hospital A Miracle Emerges Which Shocks Everyone.

The impact of stress in our lives and on our bodies is not to be ignored. I especially understood this after reading the story of Angie and Nick. The young couple struggled for several years trying to have children, with no luck. When they finally decided to adopt instead, they let go of their stress – and then a miracle happened. This story is an important wake-up call about the importance of trying to relax more – and it also shows the amazing impact a new baby can have on us.

Everyone in Angie and Nick’s circle of friends and acquaintances had children, but for the pained couple from Twin Falls, Idaho, US, things were much more difficult. They tried and tried, but they could simply not conceive.

They were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, but doctors told Angie that she had to relax more.

“It’s just hard to say relax about it when you’re reminded of it every month when you don’t end up being pregnant,” Angie told CBS.

The couple at last decided to adopt. The decision, and the joy that came along with their new addition to the family, would prove to affect them more than anyone could have imagined. Now that they had adopted a baby, it appears that Angie could finally relax – and she miraculously fell pregnant.

According to doctors, Angie’s infertility may have been exacerbated by the anxiety and stress she had from not getting pregnant.

“Infertility causes the same level of stress as cancer,” psychologist Alice Domar told CBS, adding “if you can relieve the stress, then you can restore normal fertility – which is what happened with them.”

While there’s naturally no sure way of explaining Angie’s sudden pregnancy, I personally believe that stress may have indeed had something to do with everything. Most importantly, a family which once consisted of a rather couple has grown to a beautiful family of four.

Here’s the news report from CBS:

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