The Doctor Said She Lost Her Child. Then Mom Hugs Her Baby Close, And Shocks Everyone. A Mother’s Love Conquers All!

Kate Ogg from Australia and her husband David spent three years trying to conceive a child. They were at last given life-changing news- they were at last pregnant, and in fact, were expecting twins! But Kate was rushed to the hospital sooner than expected. After just 27 weeks of pregnancy, the doctors painfully explained to the parents that one twin, little Jamie, was dead. It was the most nightmarish news parents could ever expect to hear. David collapsed next to Kate and together they held their tiny baby close. But Kate refused to give up. She lay and hugged Jamie for two hours, speaking to him, telling him how his twin sister Emily was doing, telling him all about the plans they had for him. She sobbed and relentlessly held him close, right against the beat of her heart… What happened next is nothing short of a miracle that shocked every doctor in that hospital. This emotional story is a powerful reminder that it is important to never give up. A mother’s love is truly stronger than anything.

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