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The Man Refused To Eat Near A 5-Year-Old. But The Waiters Answer Is Praised By Hundreds Of Thousands.

5-year-old Milo and his family visited a restaurant in Houston, Texas. But the experience wasn’t quite what they were expecting.

Milo and his family had just sat down to eat dinner in their favorite restaurant in Houston. They used to eat there, but this time their experience weren’t as pleasant as it usually was.



Another family was sitting next to them and after a while they called for the waiter Michael Garcia and complained about Milo. They wanted to change their table since Milo were making a lot of noise and weird sounds. Milo has Downs syndrome and that seemed to bother the other family.



The waiter moved the family to another table and was hoping that everything would be fine. But the dad in the family wasn’t happy.
– Special kids needs to be special some place else, he said.

The man’s kids were sitting next to him and heard what the dad said. At this point, the waiter Michael Garcia felt it was too much to handle. To ask for another table is one thing, but he couldn’t handle the way the man expressed himself about Milo. Despite he was jeopardizing his own job, he chooses to dismiss the family from the restaurant. He refused to serve them any food.

After the incident, Michael was praised as a hero and even been a guest on TV-shows, talking about the incident.



Milos mother Kim is happy that the waiter acted the way he did.
– Hurrah, for people like Michael. Who’s not only love Milo for who he is – a child with Downs syndrome – but also stands up for him no matter what.

What an effort from the waiter! We need more people like him!

Scroll down and watch a longer interview with the waiter Michael.

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