The Scared Housewife Can’t Look Them In The Eye. 1 Minute Later, The Jury Is Blown Away!

36-year-old Neneth Lyon is usually home taking care of the children. But she has a dream. She’s been singing her whole life, and her greatest desire is to step on stage. She finally gathers the courage to do so, and auditions in front of the intimidating UK X-Factor jury. She chooses to sing Barbara Streisand’s challenging “Somewhere”, because it’s a song her father likes. After about one minute, Neneth seems to have released most of her nervousness and she is singing from the depths of her heart. When she is done she gets a standing ovation from the jury and the tears are running down her cheeks. If you are as touched as I was by this courageous mother’s audition to share on the button below the video.

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