These sisters grew tired of their hairstyles – now watch their amazing transformation

There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding a style you love, and sticking with it. Everyone has the right to make their own choices, but this said – sometimes, as the years go by, it just might be time for a change.

For one’s own sake, of course, and not for anyone else.

That’s how this couple felt when they decided to undergo a major makeover together, or for example, this man, who hadn’t had a hair cut in 22 years.

And it was also the case for these two sisters, Deb, 55, and Sandy, 61, who decided it was time for a real change. 

When Deb turned 55, she decided along with her sister Sandy, 61, to make a little trip. But it was not just any journey. The two set off for New York City, where the Today program was scheduled to give them both a major makeover. After years of boasting the same style, they were ready for a change.


The sisters were interested in changing both their hairstyles and hair colors.


Their reaction when their transformation becomes a reality is just wonderful to see. Have a look for yourself below.

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