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The Twins Were Born Conjoined. 10 Years Later, The Miracle Girls Are Warming The Hearts Of Thousands.

When Jesse and Amy Carlsen welcomed their twin baby girls into the world, they were overjoyed. But they also knew that the girls, Isabelle and Abby, would be born conjoined—the identical twins were connected from their chests to their stomachs. Isabelle’s heart was embedded in Abby’s chest and the girls even shared several organs. The situation left parents Jesse and Amy with a difficult decision: should they allow doctors to perform surgery to try and separate the girls? Isabelle and Abby spent their first six months in the hospital before their parents, along with doctors, decided to go through with the surgery. The whole thing would take place at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, and it took a team of 17 doctors 12 hours to separate the girls. Fortunately, everything went well and after a long, nervous wait, the twin girls were ready to go home to their parents just two weeks after the difficult surgery. The doctors called it a miracle.

Now it’s been 10 years since the surgery. Today Isabelle and Abby don’t even remember being conjoined, although their way of talking is revealing—the sisters are still inseparable.

“In the mall, we like grab each other’s hand. It’s weird,” Isabelle and Abby told CBS.

It sure is nice to see these miracle twins 10 years later. Not only did they survive the difficult operation, they are doing wonderfully well today. Both girls are healthy, happy, and great students.

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