Their Car Crashed Out Off A Cliff. But This 5-Year-Old’s Quick Reaction Changed Everything. What Heroine!

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of death on our roads. Sometimes accidents will cause great grief, sometimes psychic and physical problems, and sometimes it seems angels have guarded the persons in the car. Thanks to a 5-year-old this accident had a happy ending, and I don’t even want to think about what could’ve happened if 5-year-old Lexi hadn’t been there.

Lexi Shymanski, 5-years-old from Canada, was in the back of the car together with her younger brother Peter when their mom dozed off and lost control of the car on a rocky road stretch on their way home from Calgary.


The car drove straight into a tree and fell down a 12 meter high bank on the side of the road. When Lexi woke up in the car her mom was unconscious and her 10-month-old baby brother was crying. Lexi knew she had to get some help to save her mom and brother, and the only way was to get out of the car wreck and to climb up the 12 meter high cliff.


Once she got up on the road she managed to stop a car, something that became the family’s rescue. Lexi, her baby brother and their mom were flown to a hospital in Edmonton where her baby brother was treated for a swelling in his brain. The mom had multiple fractures, broken ribs and a damaged liver.


Had it not ben for Lexi’s heroic effort, the accident would have ended in a bad way and her mom and baby brother could very well have died. The most impressing thing is how Lexi managed to climb the cliff. Because when the rescue personnel arrived at the scene they had to use ropes to get to the car. Lexi managed to climb up the cliff barefoot.


” It’s crazy. I only can remember one or two times where she got out of her five-point harness previously. She somehow got out, adrenaline or whatever, and barefoot hiked up the embankment.”, the mother Angela told Metro after the accident.


Today, the family is back home from the hospital, but Angela still has a long way to go before she can return to her work as a swimming instructor. But thanks to the courage from a 5-year-old this story ended happily. Truly impressing!


I really had to share this amazing story with you, because it’s not every day you’ll see a 5-year-old with such courage!

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