This Adorable Baby Is All Giggles When His Big Dog Friend Brings A Toy To Play With.

Life is a barrel of laughs for this adorable five-month-old baby boy. And who wouldn’t be having the time of their life with a best friend like this German Shepherd? When the family dog brings over a toy for the two play with, the baby boy bursts into laughter and can’t stop. He’s having the time of his life and tries his best to play tug-of-war with his friend. It’s lovely to such a beautiful friendship start so young. And it’s wonderful to see the family dog show such affection for the baby boy, too. Check out when the German Shepherd gets close. He actually softens his grip on the toy so the boy stays safe. Not that you’ll notice. If you’re like me, you’ll be too busy laughing along with this adorable baby.  


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