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This Dad’s Naked Photo Of Him Bathing With His Daughter Is Spreading By Thousands.

“It’s ok for children and adults to be naked together. If it wasn’t natural, we would have been born with clothes. Being naked with your child is not disgusting, it’s natural.” Those are the words of Danish comedian Torben Chris who recently posted a somewhat controversial photo of himself on Facebook that has since spread like wildfire across social media. Torben poignantly points out being tired of the distorted image we have of nudity, notably after receiving messages and calls from several men who reported falling under suspicion after bathing with their young daughters.  

Just how ‘naked’ should a father be around his children?

It’s a tricky question, and above all, I think everyone’s individual opinion on this matter should be respected. But a Facebook post by Danish comedian Torben Chris is raising a lot of questions and giving thousands of parents much to think about.

In one of his recent skits, the comedian joked about what he referred to as “the naked terror”, pointing out society’s exaggerated fear and apprehension of letting adults be naked around kids. Following his skit, Torben says that several men got in touch with him, thanking him for bravely exposing the matter, and sharing that they often felt under suspicion from people who had seen pictures of them bathe with her daughters in bathtubs.

“There are many frightening examples of these fathers being accused of being pedophiles. A man told me that he was accused of pedophilia because he bathed with his 2-year-old daughter. Another was accused of” encouraging “pedophilia”, Torben writes in Danish in a Facebook post, which has now being shared by tens of thousands.

Here is the original post in Danish:

Jeg har aldrig fået mere positiv respons på nogen joke, end den jeg lavede om NØGENHEDSFORSKRÆKKELSE i mit one man show …

Posted by Torben Chris on den 13 december 2015

Here’s what it says:

“I have never had more positive response to any joke than the one I made about THE NAKED TERROR in my one man show “JYDE LOGIC”. And this is good to see. But I also got reports from well-meaning people about many scary, silly examples of them being accused of pedophilia or incitement to pedophilia.
One told me that he had been accused of pedophilia by a stranger, because he was bathing with his 2-year-old daughter… Another was warned that he was “encouraging” pedophilia because he had shared a picture of a French braid on his 11-year-old daughter’s bare back on social media… There was even a father whose wife thought it was inappropriate for their daughter to witness the dangers of her father peeing Please, take a step back people! Be logical
Since I know that a lot more “look at” Facebook than saw my show, I figured why not bring this message up here, too.
Listen: It’s OK for children and adults to be naked together. If we could not bear to see each other naked, we would have been born with clothes on.
There is nothing wrong with a father washing his daughter’s butt and private parts while she is a child. Rather, it is very disgusting if nobody does it, and unfair if only the mother does.
Nudity with your child is not disgusting, it’s natural.
We’re facing a problem with today’s ‘perfect’ yet twisted body ideals. How can children have a realistic perception of bodies when their only source of information is scantily clad ‘prefect’ half naked adults in underwear advertisements?
A father in the bath with his young daughter is not a pedophile – they’re just having fun. Anyone too frightened to do so is simply missing out on life.”

Nobody should have to be accused of being a pedophile for bathing with their young daughter. Please share if you agree.


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