This Mother And Son’s Powerful Duet Is Moving Thousands Of Hearts.

Mum Melanie, 44, and son Jamie, 15, from Wales have sung together before, but when they recently decided to audition in popular UK talent show “Britain’s Got Talent” they were extremely nervous. Originally, the idea was that Jamie would sing on his own, but a few days before the performance, he got cold feet. That’s when Melanie, who sings at a nursing home, offered to join him on stage. And what a wonderful idea that was. “To stand on stage with my son will be one of the proudest moments of my life,” says Melanie. I think their choice of song and performance was just beautiful. It moved me deeply to watch this sweet mother-son duet come together and comfortably sing so beautifully. They obviously got comfort from each other while on the big stage. Take the opportunity to enjoy their heartwarming duet, and feel free to share it on Facebook if you were also touched by Jamie and Melanie’s performance.

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