Three Hard Truths That Everyone In Their 30s Should Really Consider.

The 30s aka the new 20s. We’ve all heard that before and in many ways I think it’s so very true. But rarely do we stop and ask ourselves, just why is that so true? Many argue that people in their 30s are just overgrown, immature, and spoiled adults who don’t want to grow up and commit to anything real. That’s pretty much what one online blogger argues in her poignant and though-provoking post. The popular blogger, morena-morana, is from the other side of the planet but I quickly realized how little that matters – I think everything she write is super relevant, everywhere. “If you were born in the 1980s and consider yourself a mature person, then this article is for you. Do you go to work everyday but still don’t earn good money? Does the routine of daily life bring you no joy? Have you always felt certain that you’re destined for greater things than what you’re doing? Then read further. What I’m about to say is 100% true.” Read the rest below, but beware, if you’re in your 30s, you may feel provoked!    

1. The trap of high expectations, or why we will never be completely happy

Our grandmothers rarely dreamed about finding a prince who would sweep them off their feet, about expensive holiday resorts or romantic dinners for two. In their time, all these things seemed like unobtainable luxuries. Our grandmothers found joy simply in seeing a peaceful sky, in the chance to earn enough to eat, to find a stable job. Many of them were essentially content to find any man, provided he treated them well. What little time they had left after slaving away at unforgiving jobs or giving birth to children they often used to simply create a bit of comfort at home.

Our generation doesn’t remember those tough times. Today’s thirtysomethings barely even remember the 1990s, which they experienced as children. This is why many of our grandparents think our expectations for life are fairly self-indulgent. Few people are content to work in a factory or at a building site anymore, and they just can’t see why.

Lots of men dream of becoming billionare businessmen, but in the meantime they’re content to sit in front of a computer all day in a suit and tie rather than get their hands dirty. Plenty of women are the same, or even worse. Some women are completely lazy. Some even have the goal of simply finding a rich man who they can live off, never having to work for anything in their lives ever again. The world is full of these kinds of people. And of course, none of them will ever really achieve happiness with these attitudes. Not only are their goals often unattainable or in fact bring them nothing when they’re achieved, their competitive and selfish outlook means they’ll always believe they’re surrounded by fools.

Compare the past few decades to any point earlier in the last century, and it’s undoubtedly true that on the whole, life has become much more comfortable for large numbers of people, objectively speaking. But the more insightful among us can see that with this material satisfaction has come a situation where none of us can ever hope to achieve our dreams.

2. Achieving satisfaction

So many of us are unhappy is because of the expectation of satiety. Remember that feeling you get when you’ve already eaten the tastiest meal in some wonderful restaurant, but then it turns out the dessert you want isn’t on the menu tonight? Remember how disappointed you feel, even if you’re already full?
We’ve become greedy. We get too much of what we want, because it’s so easy now to obtain it. We’ve forgetten how much more we have compared to the past. Nothing is ever enough for us anymore; we can never satisfy our appetite for new, better things — whether it’s feelings or material possessions.
In order to be happy, you have to set limits for yourself. If a person is hungrier, he’ll enjoy his food more when he finally gets it — even if the portion is small. If he has everything he ever wanted available straight away, nothing fills his stomach.

3. Selfishness

Nowadays, we are raised to think we are owed everything in life. Yet it’s not our generation which has had to walk five kilometres to school every day; we never had to help toil in the fields with our parents as a matter of life and death. Instead we all got taken to class in the car and fed a hot breakfast every morning by our parents. The result is that many grown men look for a woman who’ll care for them like their mother used to, whilst plenty of women are looking for that rich older man to take care of them while they do nothing. No one wants to work hard, to earn what they deserve anymore.

Author: Morena_morana

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