They ask a 2-year-old to solve a classic psychological problem – his solution is genius

Psychologists have been using the ‘trolley problem’ in surveys since it was first invented in 1967, but one adorable two-year-old has come up with an answer to it that will leave them stunned.

The dilemma is as follows: you are standing by a train track watching as a runaway carriage hurtles along. There are five people tied to the track and unable to move out of the way of the train, on a side track there is one person tied down.

There are two answers to the problem: 1) You can either do nothing and let the train run over the five people, killing them all. Or 2) Pull a lever diverting the train down the side track, killing the one person who is tied there, saving the other five.

Kids never cease to amaze us with their funny and unusual answers to problems, but this innovative toddler took it to a whole new level and came up with a stunning third answer to the problem, which no one has seen before. Watch how he would solve the problem in the video below:

The tot chose to pick up the person on the side track and put them alongside the other five people. It seems at this point like he might be trying to actually save all six of them by diverting the train down the now empty side track.

But no, instead he comes up with the kind of answer most two-year-olds would – he just runs all of them over.

Clearly, he knows it’s not real and is just having fun instead – I mean hey, who didn’t like smashing things when they were a kid?

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