Ultrasound shows baby moving – then grandma sees the impossible

Anyone who has ever seen a sonogram on a baby knows just how emotional the experience can be.

There’s just something powerful about watching a living thing move inside your body.

But for one grandma, the experience was, well – a little different.

When heavily pregnant Micki visited the hospital for her sonogram, she brought along her mother Chippy, who had never seen one before. What Chippy did not know was that her nephew, popular TV host Jimmy Kimmel, had a whole other ‘sonogram’ in store for her to see.

Prior to the ultrasound meeting, Jimmy and cousin Micki decided to play a trick on the unsuspecting grandma. Jimmy created rather unsual images to show on the screen when it was time to see the “baby”.

“Is he giving us the finger?” cries Chippy when she sees the ultrasound. But it doesn’t stop there. Watch the video below for a good laugh!

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