US Marine Travels 2,000 Miles To Get Custody Of Her Brothers.

US Marine Travels 2,000 Miles To Get Custody Of Her Brothers.

Melissa spent her youth in and out of different foster homes while her mother served a string of prison sentences. Because of this, Melissa, the oldest of three siblings, never had the chance to live with her little brothers. Melissa’s brothers, JJ and Christian, also grew up in separate foster homes, and never lived together during their childhood. Now, Melissa is 21 and is a soldier in the US Marines. She has not seen her brothers in six years. So when her mother was recently sentenced to more prison time for a drug-related crime, Melissa decided that it was enough. She set out to get custody of her little brothers—a mission that seemed incredibly unlikely to succeed.

Melissa was terrified the judge would say no to her custody request. After all, she’s only 21-years-old and is barely able afford her own rent. So she was sure the judge would think her brothers would be better off in a foster home.

Nevertheless, Melisaa planned to drive 2,000 miles to Alabama to make her case in court and try to bring her brothers home. But she didn’t plan on what happened next.

A television program, Prank It FWD, heard about her story and prepared a surprise for her—they offered to pay for both food and gas for the entire journey, as well as a month’s rent.

And the good news kept on coming. After Melissa submitted her court case, the judge decided to give her custody of her brothers!

But her good luck didn’t stop there. When she returned home, the television program prepared another surprise. They gave her a brand new Toyota to drive her two brothers in.

Thanks to Melissa’s determination and a little help from a TV program, the siblings have finally been reunited. Now the TV program has decided to do continue their kindness. For every 1,000 views of the video below, Prank It FWD will donate $1 to in order to support people in need.

See the whole story of when Melissa finally reunites with her brothers here:

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