Waitress is humiliated by stranger – 2 hrs later, she gets a note that changes everything

Working in the service industry can be really difficult—especially when customers behave unpleasantly.

The teen waitress in this story got anything but a good attitude from her customers, and you can really feel for her while reading her story.

But fortunately, the story takes a nice turn.

I found this story online and don’t know if it’s true or not. But the way it plays out is powerful, and I hope you like how it all ends as much as I do.

(I’m a 17-year-old girl. I work as a hostess to pay for my gas money at a local restaurant that specializes in seafood. A family of three walks in: a mom, dad, and their daughter. They’re all well-dressed and the daughter is texting away on an iPhone.)

Wife: “We have a reservation.”

Me: “Name?”

*Wife gives their last name*

Me: “Ah, yes, here it is. Table for three. If you would please follow me…” (I lead them to a table by the window.)

Wife: “Thank you.”

Husband: “Don’t thank her! This is unacceptable!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, is there a problem?”

Husband: “OF COURSE there’s a problem! I want to be seated outside!”

Me: “My apologies, sir, but all of the tables outside are taken. Your reservation has no specified preference, so according to restaurant policy, I took you to the first available table. Would you like to wait until a table on the patio is open?”

Husband: “No! I want to be seated right now!”

Wife:*to her husband* “Calm down, please.”

Husband: “Your service is horrible!”

Me: “I can get the manager for you if you would like.”

Husband: “Do it, now!” *He then points to me and says to their daughter* “I’ll make sure you never end up like her.”

(The entire time, the daughter is texting away. I fetch my manager and he sends me back to work. Two hours later, the family walks out. The daughter slips me something and leaves without a word. It’s a note and three folded 20-dollar bills.)

Daughter’s Note: “Sorry that my dad is such an ass. I hope this makes up for it, and congratulations on the track meet last Thursday. We stayed inside, just so you know!”

(Upon closer inspection, it turns out that she runs for one of our rival schools. I knew she looked familiar!)

Thank goodness that the daughter of this family didn’t pick up her dad’s rudeness! It’s nice to see that even young people understand that it’s important to be kind to everyone—especially people in the service industry. Share if you agree!

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