Watch These One-Hour Old Twin Girls “Meet” Each Other For The First Time.

These newborn twin girls are only one-hour old in the video you will soon see. Father Mike Lansky felt he just had to pick up the camera when his precious little jewels were wrapped in bed together, but I don’t think he quite expected that they would do this! We already know that twins often have very strong ties. Just check out this recent story out of New Jersey, USA, where two twin sisters delivered their own precious bundles of joy – just six minutes apart. Yes, twins themselves speak rather enthusiastically about how they know exactly what the other is thinking at times and about how they share their pain and joy in a very special way. I certainly understood this after watching these newborns have their first “talk” with each other. Take a look for yourself and feel free to share this precious first “meet” with all your family and friends.  

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