When Husband Surprises His Wife With An Original Song, Not A Single Eye Is Dry.

Elisabeth has planned her wedding to the last detail and so far everything has gone as planned. But after she and Alan have said ‘I do’ in church, the ceremony suddenly takes an unexpected turn. The priest announces something that was not part of the program – the new husband has a surprise for his new wife.

Alan sits down at the piano and begins to sing a simply wonderful love song for his wife.

Alan and Elizabeth originally met thanks to music- they played in the same high school orchestra and that is when and where they first fell in love. Alan’s song-writing skills are also rather enviable – he wrote the beautiful love song for his wife himself. No one aside from Alan and his brother knew of his plans.

Alan’s true love goes right to the heart and wedding guests alongside Elisabeth of course, are clearly moved by his fine gesture.

have a look at his emotional performance below.

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