Which color banana would you rather eat? The choice may be more important than you know

If someone asks you what color a banana should be before you eat it, you’d probably say yellow, right?

Of course, we all know that bananas can vary greatly in color, from bright greens to browns and every shade in between.

What many don’t know is that the nutritional content of a banana changes with its outward appearance. Therefore, the color of the fruit can actually impact what sort of effects it has on your body.

Now for the big question… which color banana will you choose after reading this?


1-3: Green bananas

Green – and young – bananas could be called diet bananas, as they’ve yet to develop as much sugar content as their yellower, more mature counterparts. In addition to having lower glycemic indexes, they contain plenty of starch, which keep you feeling full for longer. Of course, this does affect the taste – they’re not as sweet as yellow or brown ones.

4-5: Yellow and solid

When the banana is completely yellow, it’s mature and firm. By this point it has attained a sweet taste and is perfectly digestible. It’s also developed a number of antioxidants that help to protect the body from diseases including heart problems and also aid the anti-ageing battle.

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6-7: Spotted Brown

Many people opt to throw away bananas that are discolored or have started to go brown, but you can actually help your body fight cancer and stomach problems by eating them. Bananas that are spotted, stained or otherwise look older are rich in TNF, which counteracts the development of cancer cells. The more spots, the more TNF in the banana.

Because these bananas have more fructose and a higher glycemic index, they’re also richer in calories. If you want to avoid sugar, it’s better to choose a lighter banana.

Though not many people think about it on a daily basis, it’s aways important to know what you’re putting into your body. Share this story on Facebook to help others, and let us know what color banana you choose when given the choice.