Why you should never, ever ask for a slice of lemon in your water or soda – the reason is more disgusting than you think

A slice of lemon or two dropped in your water adds flavor, on this we can all agree. But is it healthy?

Well, after reading the following article, I’m sure your opinion may drastically change.

When you go out to restaurants, it’s not uncommon for staff to add a slice of lemon to your soda or water. There is, however, a very good reason as to why you should ask them not to do so …

Don’t get me wrong, lemons have many properties that can be good for you. They aid the body when it comes to getting rid of waste, whilst also helping your skin. But when it comes to drinks in a restaurant, you should never add a lemon.

Bacteria hot-spot

In a study undertaken in 2007, researchers analysed 76 lemons from 21 different restaurants. Their aim? To see how much bacteria the lemons contained.

The results were more shocking than you could imagine. Almost 70 percent of the fruits were covered in bacteria that can cause viruses and diseases.

In a later investigation, ABC News made it known that half of all the vegetables in the restaurants they analysed carried particles of human waste.

Why you should never have lemon in your drink

What’s the reason for so much bacteria being in the lemons, then? Well, researchers noticed that a lot of staff working in restaurants failed to wash their hands before handling the lemons. This meant that the fruits came into contact with bacteria from toilets, door handles, other people and more.

In other words, it’s probably best to forego the lemon in your soda or water.

Ice water with lemon in
Photo: Pexels

This is obviously quite disgusting, as well as potentially harmful.

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