Widow leaves heartbreaking letter with 1 special instruction on lakeside gate – stranger’s photo goes viral

For many, simple acts of kindness are enough to restore lost faith in humanity. With so many dire things occurring on a daily basis in the world, people need to be reminded that compassion exists as well.

Which is probably why stories such as this one garner so much attention. People like to hear about charitable acts and strangers going above and beyond for their piers.

That’s certainly been the case when it comes to the tale of an anonymous note left on a gate near a lake in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK recently …

The note, written by hand, was left accompanied by a single rose, and contained a simple set of instructions for whoever might stumble upon it first.

To the naked eye, the rose held no special significance, but it transpired that the token was meant to pay tribute to the writer’s late husband. According to the note, the man’s ashes were in that very lake.

The reply

The note was eventually found by someone from the Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School Rowing club. The stranger then posted a photo of the long-stemmed red rose and the note on Twitter.

“Please can someone throw this into the lake for me?” reads note’s simple instruction.

“My late husband’s ashes are in the lake and I can’t get to the lakeside in my wheelchair anymore.”

The gates by the lake were locked, and so the sender couldn’t throw the rose in herself.

The kind soul at BVGS Rowing, however, not only did as the note asked, but also snapped a photo of the rose floating atop the lake’s surface.

It was undoubtedly a small gesture, but one that might well have made an old woman very happy indeed. So often it’s the little things in life that promise to make the biggest differences.

Well, this story certainly put a smile on our faces. How about you?

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