Widow who works at Pennsylvania McDonald’s has no plans to retire as she celebrates 100th birthday

At 50 years old Ruthie Shuster lost her husband and she was not only grieving the loss but also knew she had to find a job.

So the Pennsylvania resident started working in her local McDonald’s branch in Pittsburgh and 50 years later she’s still there.

Ruthie celebrated her 100th birthday and announced she had no plans to stop work.

She is a famous face at her local McDonald’s where she greets every customer with a smile and on a Friday afternoon entertains everyone with a song.

“Friday about 30 comes, and we all sing, ‘You are my sunshine’, we all sing it, everybody comes in,” she told Good Morning America.

Ruthie says before the pandemic not only did she hold down a steady job but also went dancing four times a week.

“I used to go dancing four times a week, but can’t go dancing now, there’s no dancing around,” she said.

Ruthie loves to work and has no plans to stop, even now she’s 100 years old.

“To me, it’s just a number. I became a widow when I was 50, and I’ve been working ever, ever, ever since. I like working,” she explained.

“I get paid. I pay my bills, and that’s good. I never had a lot of money, but I always had enough. That’s the way it is,” she added.

As the branch’s most popular employee Ruthie has been inundated with cards wishing her a Happy Birthday, so many that a mailbox has been set up outside the fast-food chain to handle the hundreds of cards she’s had.

Ruthie’s outlook on life and her work ethic is inspirational. I hope she continues loving what she does every day as she brings so much joy to those around her.

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