Wife sees blue balloons for boy, only for husband to unzip hoodie and unveil note

It’s all the rage today when it comes to gender reveal parties for babies.

You may have been to one recently. Hell, you may even thrown one recently, and if you have then congratulations! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the moment you find out if you’re having a boy or a girl, nor for sharing that moment with your family and friends.

In short, gender reveal parties are fantastic occasions of celebration and joy, with many couples finding evermore creative ways to inform their loved ones if their little one is to be a boy or a girl. One couple in particular couldn’t wait for the ceremony themselves, and so found out the sex of their baby and devised a fun way to tell everyone …

The big news

Of course, with the recent increase in popularity regarding gender reveal events, it’s a difficult task to truly come up with a unique way of relaying the big news.

Some people opt for pink or blue balloons to get their message across, or else use things like dyed cake to reveal the truth.

I’ve seen a good many different methods tried and tested throughout the years, though I’ve never seen one quite like this. The couple in question were able to trick their family good and well, and it makes for great viewing indeed.

The big reveal

Family and friends gathered to witness the spectacle were treated to a classic ‘open the box’ reveal to begin with. No sooner had the box been opened than did a tirade of balloons stream out … blue in color. People were delighted to know they were having a boy!

Moments after the reveal, however, there was yet another surprise to be had. The dad-to-be began thanking everyone, before calmly unzipping his jacket to reveal a t-shirt that had those in attendance truly shocked.

It turned out the couple were actually having twins! One boy and one girl … how delightful!

You can see more on grand reveal in the video below:

Every baby is a blessing unto the world, and rightly should be cherished and celebrated. This unique way of revealing not only gender but also the fact that the couple were having twins certainly put a smile on our faces!

We think the world today needs a little more happiness and joy in it!

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