Woman dies in nursing home – then nurse finds a note that brings everyone to tears

Every day, thousands of elderly are moved into nursing homes.

Many eagerly await the visit or at least a phone call from someone in their family. But often we are too busy to take the time we probably should for our elderly.

In the final stages of life, many elderly are left with a bitter feeling of loneliness and disappointment.

This is the story of an elderly woman who lived at a nursing home. The staff there likely saw her as just another frail, grouchy old lady, waiting to take her last breath.

But after she passed away, the home staff discovered something rather unexpected – and it brought them all to tears.

In the deceased woman’s cabinet, they discovered this poem on a neatly folded piece of paper:

Flickr / Addie VanDreumel

Never take our elderly for granted. In each aging body dwells a spirit that wants to stay young, even if their body isn’t functioning as well as it once did. 

Carry with you the words of this old woman when you see an older person – make sure you treat him or her with respect and dignity.

Please share poem with everyone you know, so that everyone has a chance to read this words.

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