Woman is unable to get pregnant – then her sister calls and everything changes

Many of us dream our whole lives of having a child one day.

We imagine how much we’ll love our little one and how exciting it will be to bring a mini version of ourselves into the world.

Some of us tell everyone about our baby plans, while others only tell a few trusted friends and relatives.

And when Aimee Morrisby decided to try to become pregnant, her beloved sister, Shayna, was one of the first to know.

Five years and four miscarriages later, Aimee could no longer take the stress of trying to get pregnant without success.

But then she got a call from her sister that would change everything.

Scroll down to find out Shayna’s beautiful, selfless plan.

Aimee Morrisby, pictured above, tried to get pregnant for five long years.

As time went on, she became more and more resigned to the idea that she’d never get the chance to be a mother.

Her sister, Shayna, thought about Aimee, and how much she struggled trying unsuccessfully to have a baby.

And at 10 o’clock one night, she called her sister.

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“Let’s have a baby,” Aimee heard her sister say on the other end of the line.

Shayna, who has two children of her own, was ready to get pregnant again—but not with a child of her own.

This time, she wanted to bear a child for her sister, Aimee, and Aimee’s husband, Jake.

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While Aimee was growing up, she was diagnosed with a painful intestinal disease that left her stomach covered with scar tissue.

But she didn’t understand the extent of the damage until she visited a doctor at age 21 and learned that her uterus had also been damaged.

Her doctor suggested that Aimee try to have children as soon as possible. Otherwise, there was a strong possibility that she would never become pregnant.

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Aimee used vitro fertilization and succeeded in getting pregnant several times.

But she suffered four miscarriages for five years.

Doctors soon realized that Aimee’s uterus was largely a “big ball of scar tissue.”

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Aimee and Jake had just begun to accept their fate when Shayna called up with her incredible offer.

Shayna offered to carry one her sister’s fertilized eggs to term and have her baby for her.

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Soon, Shayna’s baby bump started to show.

During the pregnancy, the sisters were together every step of the way, and their husbands supported them throughout the entire process.

When Shayna gave birth, Aimee was right by her side, holding her hand and helping her.

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Shayna gave birth to a perfect little girl and Aimee’s husband, Jake, stepped forward to cut the umbilical cord.

Shayna held the newborn for a little while, before handing her over to her Aimee and Jake.

They named the baby Francesca Louise Morrisby, and today she’s a happy 7-month-old.

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Sharing motherhood at such a deep level was an incredible experience For both sisters.

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