Woman makes startling discovery on floor after removing rug from new house

When Emma’s marriage of ten years ended, her husband cruelly kicked her out of the house, demanding a divorce with chilling indifference.

She begged him to reconsider kicking her out of the house for the sake of their children, but this fell on deaf ears as he declared that he “never wanted them anyway”.

With nowhere else to go, Emma sought refuge with her parents, who of course welcomed her into their home. She felt guilty, assuring her parents that her stay wouldn’t be for long, but her mother insisted: “My grandkids and you will always be welcome in this house.”

Emma, however, didn’t want to feel like she overstayed her welcome, fully aware that her young children were quite boisterous (kids will be kids) and her parents deserved their peace.

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Back into the workforce

Her husband had wanted Emma to be a stay-at-home mother, and so she had been out of the workforce for several years. Now that she was on her own, she chose to take matters into her own hands. She secured a job through a friend and, even though it wasn’t a particularly high-paying position, it was still a step back into the workforce. Her determination was unwavering, and her quest for independence was met with success.

Several months later, Emma and her mother started house hunting, hoping to find a more affordable place for their family. They came across an old house with an attractive price tag, thought it was in dire need of renovations.

Emma told her mother that it was the one, saying: “I think it’s perfect, Mom. It’s big enough for the family, and I’ll repair it slowly. There’s no way I could afford a house like this one if it weren’t in such shape. I’ll be buying it directly from the bank. Apparently, the old owner died, and the bank repossessed it.”

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A new home and a strange discovery

Emma’s offer was accepted, and they moved into their new home. Emma and her father started on the renovations together, which went slower than expected, but they were making headway all the same. It wasn’t long before they decided that the old carpet needed replacement, but during the process, an unexpected discovery was made – a trap door hidden beneath.

Curiosity getting the better of them, they gingerly opened the door, revealing a hidden staircase leading to a basement. Although a bit freaked out by the unexpected find, they decided to go down with a flashlight in hand. To their surprise, they uncovered numerous canvases carefully covered under blankets.

“Are these paintings, dad?” Emma wondered.

Her father seemed to agree: “The old owner must have left them here. You might need to call the bank to ask about it, actually.”

After contacting the bank, Emma was informed that whatever was found in the house was legally hers. These paintings, however, weren’t just any old pieces of artwork, they were exquisite pieces that Emma decided to hang throughout her home. Given that she and her father found so many paintings, she decided she should sell some to get a little profit.

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Emma’s decision to have one of the paintings appraised led to an interesting revelation. The art expert, Nick, was astounded by its beauty and explained that they belonged to an artist named André Mossé, a rising talent from Paris who mysteriously disappeared. The value of these paintings was therefore pretty significant, and Emma had roughly 20 of them in her possession.

Dazzled by the potential treasure trove within her home, Emma invited Nick to assess the rest of her collection, which confirmed their insane value. She chose to part with a few pieces, selling them to his art gallery. This allowed her to finish the house renovations, get college funds started up for her children, and hire a lawyer to secure child support from her good-for-nothing cheating ex-husband!

As time passed, Emma and Nick’s shared passion for art brought them closer, eventually blossoming into love – a real happy ending!

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