Woman shames veteran in restaurant but he shuts her up with a perfect response

While I would like to believe that every person in this country understands the sacrifices of veterans, there are still a few folks out there that just don’t get it. Fortunately, there are vets and regular citizens there to remind others of what being a veteran means.

When you see a veteran in a restaurant or store receiving a ‘military discount’, take a moment to stop and think about what that person gave up for a few dollars or cents off of their meal.

That person likely put himself or herself in harm’s way to protect the safety of you and your family. They may have spent important holidays and events away from their own family so that you could enjoy your own.

In other words, that veteran pledged to give their life so that you could enjoy the simple freedoms of life, every single day.

When a military veteran walked into a restaurant, ordered his food politely asked for his military discount, he and other patrons were surprised when one customer spoke out against him. A woman accused the man of asking for ‘special privileges’ because of his military service. While he was probably shocked, he decided to use the unfortunate interaction as a ‘teaching moment’ and explain to her what that discount actually means.


He could have reacted angrily or he could have ignored her completely, but instead, he chose to sternly explain the circumstances in the best way possible. It was simple, clear, and to the point. And he is absolutely right.

“It’s not a privilege, it’s a discount,” he told her. “A privilege is getting to go home. To go home to your family every night. To go home in a free country.”


“Some people give up their privileges so that people like you can have them,” he continued.

Other people in the restaurant were more than willing to show their respect. A young woman, a complete stranger, offered to buy the man’s meal. It was unnecessary however because the manager gave him his meal for free.

Respect for all people that we encounter in everyday life, not just veterans, is important. But sometimes, respect means reminding someone else what is important and stopping them in their tracks when they are being disrespectful. Watch the video to see a man stand up for himself and all veterans, effectively teaching us all a lesson in privilege and appreciation.

Watch the interaction in the video below.

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