Woman takes part time job at nursing home so she can see her 90-year-old mother during pandemic

As we get ready to enter the eighth month of the pandemic, many families are still unable to see their loved ones in nursing homes.

And the forced separation is getting to everyone.

In March, MJ Ryan and her 90-year-old mother, Theresa, were suddenly no longer able to see each other. COVID-19 prevented MJ from visiting her mother, who has dementia, at the nursing home in Massachusetts where she lives.


While MJ could have utilized a number of ways, like sending her a card, standing outside her window or using FaceTime, to keep in contact with her mother, she chose another creative way.

One that not too many may have thought of.

“Then they said, ‘But we do have one night in the laundry room; 3-11 on Thursdays.’ I said bingo!” she told CBS Boston.


MJ, a healthcare professional, took a part time job in the nursing home’s laundry room so she would be able to see her 90-year-old mother.

“By the end of the evening she was laughing and talking about going to the casino,” MJ said. “She really came back. I said this is worth the laundry.”

It’s incredible what some people will do in order to see their loved ones.

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