Woman zip-lines over pond – has no idea what’s lurking underneath, waiting for her to pass over

We all like to get our thrills in different ways. Some of us are content to watch movies or live sports, others find their calling engaging in more extreme activities.

I myself must confess to being more… shall we say ‘vanilla’, in my tastes. You won’t find me snow boarding down a mountain, driving a rally car, swimming in shark-infested waters, or basically doing anything that’s likely to pose any sort of danger.

Which is why you can pretty much safely bet your last dollar that I’ll never do something like zip-line over a body of water known to contain alligators. Call me boring, but that’s pretty much as far from my idea of fun as you can possibly get.

What’s more, having watched the video that serves as the center piece to this article, the chances have gone down even further…

Credit / YouTube

Now, any Floridian worth his shoes will know that the Sunshine State is teeming with alligators. Find any swamp, lake, pond or pool, and there’s a chance it might be home to one of nature’s scaly apex predators.

Naturally, that means that it’s a sensible idea to use caution when you’re thinking of going for a swim, or walking close to the water’s edge at any of the aforementioned spots.

Yet one video – that went viral online – shows a group of zip-lining instructors testing out a new line that goes directly over a murky pond. As per reports, the pond is well-known for being home to numerous alligators, so it wasn’t too much of a shock when one of the instructors sighted some of the reptiles in the water.

Credit / YouTube

Said instructor, wearing protective gear, hooked herself to the line and set off across the pond. What she didn’t know, was that one of the alligators had sighted her, and seeing a potential snack passing by, was ready to make its move.

In the incredible footage below – which, I might add, has surely given me nightmares for the next few weeks – the alligator can be seen making an attempt to thrust out of the water as the zip-line instructor passes overhead.

The instructor naturally let out a little scream, but fortunately no harm was done and she made it safely to the other side.

Watch the video below:

Would you ever go zip-lining over an alligator-infested lake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box.

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