World’s oldest mom had twins in 2008: should’ve turned 10 this year, but something terrible happened

Omkari Singh in India was desperate to have a son.

At 70 years old her dream came true when she gave birth to Barsaat and Akashvani.

She became the oldest mom in the world.




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Omkari and her husband already had two grown up daughters and five grandchildren. But the couple wanted to have a son who could help out with the household work. At 70 years old, their dream came true. Omkari gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. She became the oldest mom in the world.

The twins were conceived via IVF, which the couple paid for using all the savings they had. And the doctors were shocked that Omkari managed to conceive and give birth to healthy twins!

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my 20 years in the medical field,” the doctor said at the time.

The girl died at four years old

The twins were born via C-Section one month premature. At first, the doctors thought that both children were healthy, but the little girl, Barsaat, passed away at four years old.

“The doctor gave my daughter the wrong medicine, which caused her to die,” the mom tells Barcoft TV.

Today, Akashvani is living together with his nearly 80 year old parents. His mom explains that people often mistake her for his grandmother. Both parents know that they don’t have much time left, but their dream is that they will live to see their son’s future wedding.

Here’s what the family’s life is like today:

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