Young doctor makes mom's drop at 2-week check up after giving gift

Young Dr delivers woman’s baby, only for her mouth to fall open at 2-week check up

Sometimes in life we meet people who boast genuine hearts of gold. It’s not all that common to find such a soul, but they do exist … often where you least expect them to.

Dr. Erik Bostrom, a family doctor in rural Minnesota, is one such person. The thing he enjoys most in life is celebrating and honoring the births of babies he’s helped deliver into the world.

But assisting in literally giving the next generation life isn’t the only reason Dr. Bostrom has made headlines …

Dr. Bostom is a 33-year-old obstetrician who works primarily with helping women to handle their pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum health.

He’s made quite the name for himself as a new doctor in rural Minnesota, and not only for the way he assists women in arguably their greatest time of need.

You see, Dr. Bostrom goes above and beyond his mandate by way of sewing and creating personalized blankets for the newborns he delivers!

In the beginning, he struggled with sewing, but persevered because he wanted to do something truly special for his patients. Since getting the hang of things, Dr. Bostrom’s hand-sewn a blanket for every baby he’s delivered.

Lacie Heitalati is one of Dr. Bostrom’s patients. She recently gave birth to a little girl, and had no idea the good doctor was going to surprise her with a personalized blanket on their two-week check-up visit.

Just watch her reaction in the video below:

Doctor sews blankets for all the babies he delivers

This doctor sews personalized blankets for every single baby he delivers ❤️️

Posted by The Uplift on Friday, December 21, 2018

What an incredibly thoughtful man Dr. Bostrom is!

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