He sexually harasses women on the street everyday – now watch when his mom happens to walk by

Whistling, catcalling, and any other type of street harassment towards women is plain wrong.

In an extensive survey from 2007 by Stop Street Harassment (SSH), a non-profit organization battling street harassment, nearly 81 percent of female respondents were the target of sexually explicit comments from an unknown man at least once. More than 41 percent have been the target at least 26 times in their lives.

It seems a lot of men out there somehow feel they are entitled to say and behave however they want to women. Thinking they can get away with it.

A lot of people might say that these women should take the compliment, but many women who have experienced being catcalled or whistled don’t find it to be flattering. In fact, many experience it being unpleasant, humiliating and even terrifying.

What if that women these men were harassing was their sister or even mother? Actually, what if they LITERALLY were?

Well you see that’s exactly what this clever undercover show from Peru just did.

Source: Pucker Mob

In the clip, the host speaks about the immense problem of sexual street harassment in Peru, South America.

The team managed to track down some usual suspects in the streets of the capital Lima. These guys spend their day harassing innocent women. What’s in store for them however — they will never guess.

The team track down the mothers of these harassers and fill them in on what their sons are up to everyday. Then they ask the mothers if they are willing to teach their boys a good lesson.

The mothers disguise as other women and hidden cameras are put in place to see how the men behave when these ‘unknown’ women walk past them.

The results? Well, see for yourself:

Talk about teaching these harrassers a good lesson. We think they got what they deserved. Please consider sharing if you agree!

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