Man Tries To Feel Up A Woman In The Elevator But Receives A Swift Kick Of Justice Instead.

It’s never okay to make a woman feel scared or vulnerable. Yet, across the world, women are under the constant threat of abuse both large and small on a daily basis. Obviously, this is horrible. And men who think they can take liberties with women deserve everything bad that happens to them.

This video shows a man repeatedly molesting a woman in an elevator. But he quickly finds out he’s messing with the wrong gal. When he tries to grab her breasts, she’s had enough and gives him what he had coming.

And quite rightly, I say! Watch the clip for yourself below.

The clip comes from a Chinese surveillance camera and shows a woman in an elevator who is harassed by an unknown man. When he gets too close to the her, the woman takes matters into her own hands (and knee!).

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