Woman has not washed hair in 6 mths – now look at the amazing result 8 hours later

Unless you’ve experienced it firsthand, depression is something that can be difficult to understand. Millions of people worldwide struggle with the illness daily, which can, in many cases, make living an ordinary, healthy life very challenging.

Hairdresser Kate Langman recently came face to face with one such individual. A woman visited her salon, explaining that she’d been struggling with depression for half a year. She was seeking change – and that’s exactly what she got.

Kate was having an ordinary day at work when she noticed an unknown woman had walked in, and was studying hair products on a shelf.

Kate approached her and asked if she needed help – and that’s when she heard the woman’s long and rather painful story.

Source: Facebook/LoveWhatReallyMatters

The woman in question had been struggling with severe depression for over six months. She had not even been able to get out of bed, andhad thus not washed nor brushed her hair during the whole period. She had tied her hair into a pony tail – but because it hadn’t been washed in so long, it was as hard as a rock.

Kate, who later shared the story on Facebook, explains:

“So today, out of all days, she comes walking in and asked if she can get her hair done today, and that she finally got herself out of bed again. I, of course, said yes. I didn’t care how late I stayed, I wanted to make sure she got taken care of,” she wrote

Source: Facebook/LoveWhatReallyMatters

The woman insisted several times that Kate could just cut all her hair, and that she didn’t care about what it would cost. All she wanted was to be able to recognize herself again. But Kate decided she would do everything in her power to help the woman, to give her back what she so desperately needed: to feel whole again.

Kate put the woman in the chair and began to comb through her hair. Eight and a half hours later, after detangling, coloring and cutting her hair, it was like a new woman sitting in the chair in front of her.

Source: Facebook/LoveWhatReallyMatters

When Kate was done with the cut and styling, she saw something incredible.

“By the end of this service, I could see the sparkle in her eyes and I could see her cheeks get rosy pink from the excitement of not only being able to run her fingers through her hair again, but she felt herself again,” Kate writes.

Source: Facebook/LoveWhatReallyMatters

“I changed someone’s life today and I’ll never ever forget it. And if this ever makes its way back to her, I want her to know how great, wonderful, kind, loving, and how strong of a person she is.”

“And not only those things, but how beautiful she is.. she deserves nothing but happiness.. and I’m so thankful and so grateful I got to help with her first step,” Kate adds.

Source: Facebook/Kate Langman

Here is Kate’s original and moving Facebook post:

Kate’s friendliness, patience, and lack of judgment touched me. Please share this article with others if you agree her attitude is commendable – and believe that society needs to be better informed about depression and its implications.

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