5 doctors line up behind a sheet, when they drop it the internet can’t stop laughing

To me, doctors come across as some of the most serious professionals out there. Can you blame them? They deal with life-threatening situations all the time — if there’s anything that can sober someone up, it must be that.

But as it turns out, even doctors can have a jolly good time and act completely and utterly silly… as this video proves.

I can’t say I’m surprised it has gotten 15 million views! Watch it for yourself below.

Meet ‘The Laryngospasms’, a musical parody group made up of four certified registered nurse anesthetists who sure know how to have a good laugh.

The medical professionals decided to sing a parody of Neil Sedaka’s popular hit ‘Breaking Up is Hard to Do’, calling it instead, ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do.’

YouTube/Gary Cozine

Donned in their scrubs, their performance is simply hilarious.

It starts off with them standing behind a sheet and singing softly — then they drop the sheet and the real ‘show’ begins. The lyrics, sung alongside their obvious light-heartedness and wonderful sense of humor, is simply too funny not to share.!

YouTube/Gary Cozine

Watch the hilarious medical professionals’ parody below.

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