Woman shows off engagement ring made of her boyfriend’s hair and people are horrified

Getting engaged is a happy time in a couple’s life together. It’s a huge milestone, and you want to share the happy news with all your friends and family. Many women often announce their engagement with a photo of their ring, too! People offer their congratulations and may also comment about how beautiful the ring is. After all, any boyfriend would spend a long time thinking about the style of ring his lady would want.

But complete strangers are blasting one boyfriend after the kind of ring he gave his girlfriend, even if that so-called ring is a placeholder for the real thing.

The anonymous woman was proud to announce the news online, but probably never expect for the couple to end up in the hot seat. Here’s a photo of the ring.

The Sun

So you see it? That’s right – that’s a rung made out of his hair!

The woman reportedly wrote, “Haaaaaaaappy Friday! My boyfie is now my fiance! He proposed with a ring made from a lock of his OWN HAIR.” She also explained that “this is just a placeholder,” but then added, “until my more intricately woven band is done.” Do you know what that means? It may imply that her real ring may still be made out of hair.

The Sun

Strangers didn’t waste any time expressing their horror”.

A comment read, “Boyfie? Also, no matter how much I love the dude I don’t think I’d ever in a million years wear his hair on my finger.”

Another person wrote, “Hair from what part of his body?”

And a third chimed in, ” Wasn’t there a weird guy in a movie that made a hair doll for a chick? This is that, but IRL.”

We suppose that, as long as both the bride and groom-to-be are happy with their decision, it’s not for us to judge how their decide to express their love, even if it means wrapping locks of hair around their fingers. But if that many people were repulsed, they may want to take down the post to avoid attracting negative attention. Please share if you want your friends and family to tell you their thoughts on this hairy ring.