Jeanette ordered a new rug online — can you see the mistake everyone’s laughing at?

These days, people are shopping online for more and more products. And anything from haircare products to wedding dresses and furniture are all just a few clicks away, no matter where you live.

But anyone who’s ordered clothes online knows that it can be difficult to figure out your size, and sometimes you simply have to return your order for soemthing that actually fits.

When Jeanette Johansson from Sweden saw a beautiful, inexpensive rug on an online auction site, she bid immediately. And when no one else bid, the rug was hers.

“I only had to pay $3.50 (30 Swedish krona), and the shipping was only 80 cents (7 Swedish krona). So it was great. I was very happy,” Jeanette told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Jeanette contacted the seller to see if there was anything else she could add to her order and was pointed to a selection of furniture and decorative items.

But what struck Jeannette was that everything made by the same brand, Lundby. For those who don’t know this Swedish furniture manufacturer, it makes a very particular kind of product: dollhouse furniture.

Jeanette immediately understood why the carpet was so cheap and the shipping was next to nothing. But her new carpet was already in the mail, so she just waited for the small envelope to arrive with her order.

“I had to show everyone so that people would understand how crazy it was. In the picture, it looks like a big Persian carpet. It was just what I wanted. But it didn’t turn out to be what I had imagined,” Jeanette said.

Even Jeanette’s daughter laughed at her mistake and decided to share her mother’s mistake on Facebook.

However, buying the carpet did teach Jeanette a lesson. Now she’s learned to do a little more research before ordering anything from the internet again.


The internet might have some real bargains, but if you go to the store, at least you know what you’re buying.

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