Only 2 percent can see it: Do you see the sneaky ‘thief’ in this photo?

A picture is spreading rapidly on popular social platform Reddit. A user published the image and simply wrote: “Find the thief!”

And that task isn’t actually that easy, although I can proudly say I found them within a few seconds. What’s certain is that once you do see it, it seems quite obvious! 

It feels almost like an optical illusion, where in the beginning you fight hard to get your eyes to see something different, then sure enough, you can’t unsee it!

According to the site Diply, only 2 percent of people can actually find the thief in under 1 minute. Let us know how you fare! 

Below is the picture uploaded by user handicapreader on the Reddit forum:

It looks like an ordinary square in any city, but there is indeed a ‘thief’ in the picture.

Pretty obvious once you’ve seen it, isn’t it?

If the ‘thief’ in question is actually a thief or revealing an unfortunate mistake is of course difficult to know. What’s certain is that the photo is sure to give a good laugh!  

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