10 Reasons Why You Should Never Throw Away Old Egg Cartons.

After I run out of eggs, the cartons tend to end up in one place: the recycling bin. And I guess I’m probably not the only one who sees used egg cartons as junk. But the fact is, egg cartons have so many more uses than just holding eggs. When I found the tricks on this list, I was eager to try some of them myself. And now that I’ve made a few of them, I thought I’d share these projects here. If you find something you will like, feel free to share this list with your family and friends on Facebook.

Desk organizer

Don’t just throw down all your stuff in a desk drawer. Instead, organize your supplies in an egg carton desk organizer so you can quickly find what you need.

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Mini pots

Separate the compartments of an egg carton and you can use them to plant herbs and other small plants.

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Gift Basket

Transform your egg cartons into gift baskets and give them as gifts. And why not throw in some chocolate eggs?

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Children’s paint palette

Fill each compartment with a different color of paint, so your children can easily keep their colors separated.

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Condiments holder

Hold your condiment bottles in place with the bottom half of an egg carton. This is also great because it’s easier to squeeze out mustard and ketchup when they’re stored upside down.

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Decorative mirror

Cut up an egg carton and make beautiful flower petals, which you can then arrange around a mirror. All you need are an egg carton, a glue gun, a mirror, and a piece of cardboard. You can read more here.

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Christmas ornament storage

With this trick, you won’t have to worry about broken Christmas decorations anymore. Egg cartons are the perfect solution when you need to store Christmas tree globes.

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Barbecue starter pack

If you’re going on a picnic or camping trip, fill an egg carton with charcoal. When you’re ready to make a fire, simply light the carton. It’ll give you a great excuse to have a barbecue!

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Don’t have a toolbox at home? Store your screws and nails in an egg carton.

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Door wreath

Cut out sections of cardboard egg cartons and paint them different colors. Then, arrange them into a beautiful wreath. All the details are here!


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Since learning all of these tricks, I’ve started thinking of all the things I can make with egg cartons. Now, I save them for when the inspiration hits!

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